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By John Doe
April 24, 2024
12:43 p.m.


Hey there, Mississippi entrepreneurs and business mavens! As you juggle the exciting challenges of running a business in the Magnolia State, from the vibrant streets of Jackson to the serene Gulf Coast, there's a new twist in the tale – the Beneficial Ownership information guide. (BOI) filing. But don't you worry, because is here, and we're armed with sweet tea, Southern charm, and a boatload of expertise to help you navigate these waters?

Why is BOI Filing a Big Deal in Mississippi?

Starting January 1, 2024, under the Corporate Transparency Act, you must file your BOI. Think of it as telling the story of who really runs the show in your business. At, we’re all about making this new requirement as smooth as a ride down the Mississippi River—Beneficial Owner for an LLC . We're proud to say we're the nation's top dogs in third-party BOI filing – that’s right, we’re number one!

What's the Cost of Ignoring BOI Filing?

Let's put it bluntly: neglecting to file your BOI or submitting inaccurate info can hit your wallet harder than a Mississippi thunderstorm. Know about What is the FATF report? We're talking a $500 daily fine for each entity you own. Own three corporations and three LLCs without accurate BOI? That's a whopping $3,000 slipping through your fingers every single day. And remember, even small changes, like a new business address or phone number, require a fresh BOI. It's like updating your grandma's address book – essential to stay in touch!

What Are the Deadlines for BOI Filing?

If your business was set up before January 1, 2024, you've got until January 1, 2025, to file that initial BOI report. But for companies established after January 1, 2024, you all only have thirty days. It's like prepping for a big family reunion – it's best to do it well in advance. Once you’ve registered a corporation or LLC with the Secretary of State in Mississippi, a BOI filing becomes as essential as your company's secret barbecue sauce recipe.

Why Trust

We're not just about ticking boxes but about understanding your story. As fellow business owners, we get the unique vibe of Mississippi – its rich history, diverse culture, and friendly communities. Our service is personalized, just like a bespoke suit from a local tailor

Navigating Changes in Business Ownership

The world of business is as dynamic as the Delta Blues. At, we keep up with these changes, so your business never skips a beat. Want to know about PIL's Personally Identifiable Information? Whether it's a change in ownership or adapting to new state regulations, we've got your back.

Our Business, Supporting Your Business

Your business is an integral part of Mississippi’s soul. Every business adds a unique flavor to our state’s economy from the Delta to the Coast. At, we take pride in helping you maintain your business's integrity and compliance, so you can focus on what you do best – adding your verse to the song of Mississippi’s economy.

Embracing Mississippi’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

Mississippi is known for its resilience and spirit of innovation. At, we embody this spirit in our approach to BOI filing. We're here to see to it that the administrative side of your business doesn’t dampen your entrepreneurial flame. Just like a Mississippi artist turns challenges into beautiful blues music, we help you turn the challenge of BOI filing into a harmonious part of your business rhythm.

More Information About the BOI Regulation

Let’s dive deeper into the nitty-gritty of the Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) regulation. It's as essential to understand as knowing when to plant your crops in Mississippi's soil. This regulation, part of the CTA Corporate Transparency Act, is like a magnifying glass on corporations and LLCs' ownership and control structure. Its main goal? To bring transparency and deter illegal activities like money laundering and fraud – think of it as the sheriff keeping an eye on the business town.

Do I Need to File BOI with the Secretary of State?

Here’s where it gets a bit specific to our Mississippi charm. Typically, BOI filing is a federal requirement, not something you do with the Mississippi Secretary of State. It’s like telling your friends about a new fishing spot, but you wouldn’t necessarily call the local news about it. However, always monitor state-specific requirements, as they can change faster than the weather in Tupelo.

What is FinCEN?

Enter FinCEN, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network. It sounds like something out of a detective novel, right? But it's actually a bureau of the U.S. Department of the Treasury. FinCEN’s role is like that of a vigilant watchman, guarding against financial crimes. The basics of Ultimate Beneficial Ownership. They're the folks who collect and analyze information about financial transactions to combat domestic and international money laundering, terrorist financing, and other financial crimes. In the context of BOI, they’re the ones making sure everything is on the up and up.

More Information About Reporting Requirements

Reporting requirements under the BOI can be as intricate as a quilt from a Mississippi craft fair. Here's what you need to know:

  • Who Needs to Report: If you’re running a corporation, LLC, or similar entity, you’re likely on the hook for BOI reporting.
  • What to Report: You'll need to provide details about the beneficial owners of your business. We’re talking names, birthdates, addresses, and ID numbers – the whole shebang.
  • When to Report: As mentioned before, for entities existing before January 1, 2024, the deadline is January 1, 2025. But for the new kids on the block (entities created after January 1, 2024), you have 30 days. It's like when you open a new restaurant downtown – you’ve got to get those health inspections done pronto.
  • Updates and Changes: Any significant changes in beneficial ownership must be reported. What is an Entity Beneficial Owner for an LLC? Think of it like updating your family tree every time there’s a new addition to the family.

Why is #1 in the Nation

In the bustling world of business compliance, stands out like the grand Mississippi River in its majesty and reliability. You ask, what makes us the number one choice for BOI filings nationwide? Well, it’s our unwavering commitment to precision, ease, and personalized service. Please think of us as your personal guide through the dense forests of federal regulations. Beneficial ownership disclosure requirements. We can ensure every step of your BOI filing is as clear and straightforward as a sunny day in Biloxi.

Our team of experts is like a group of seasoned fishermen; they know the waters well and can navigate even the trickiest currents. We stay up-to-date with all changes in regulations, so that our clients can always be ahead of the game. With, you're not just getting a service; you're gaining a partner who is as invested in your business's success and compliance as you are.

Moreover, our reputation as the nation's top BOI filer is built on a foundation of trust and excellence. We understand that every business has its own story and specific needs, just like every town in Mississippi has its own unique charm. Want to know What is the NSBA? That’s why we can offer customized solutions tailored to the specifics of your business. Our user-friendly platform makes filing your BOI as easy as enjoying a slice of Mississippi mud pie. And our customer support? It’s as warm and welcoming as Southern hospitality.

We believe in building relationships, not just client lists. That's why businesses from the Delta to the Gulf Coast choose – because we offer more than just compliance assistance; we can provide a solid commitment to your business's growth and peace of mind. Know about the Beneficial Ownership information guide. With, you’re not just complying with regulations; you’re setting your business up for success on a national scale.

Conclusion: Your Partner on the Mississippi Business Journey

As the January 1, 2024, BOI rule approaches, remember that is ready to assist you every step of the way. We're more than a service; we're your partner in helping your Mississippi business comply with the BOI requirements and continue to thrive and grow. Let's keep our businesses flourishing like a Mississippi garden in spring – compliant, vibrant, and full of opportunities!

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