BOI North Dakota Beneficial Ownership Information

By Michael Rodriguez
April 24, 2024
12:18 p.m.


Hey there, North Dakota entrepreneurs and business mavens! As 2024 rolls in, there's a new kid on the block in the business regulation neighborhood – the Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) rule under the Corporate Transparency Act. Now, before you groan, thinking of all the paperwork and red tape, we at have your back. Let's dive into what this all means for you and how you can navigate these waters without breaking a sweat.

What's the Big Deal About BOI?

So, you've got a couple of corporations or LLCs under your belt – kudos to you! But here's the kicker: if you're not up to speed with the BOI for each entity, it could cost you a pretty penny. We're talking a $500 daily fine for each entity that's not compliant. Own two corporations and two LLCs? That's a potential $2,000 slipping out of your pocket daily. Yikes! But don't worry, that's where we come in.

Why Choose

Here at, we're not just any third-party filer. We're the top dogs in this arena, the crème de la crème of BOI filing nationwide. Know about the Beneficial Ownership information guide. We make filing your BOI as easy as ordering a product on Amazon. With some clicks on our website, you can be on your way to compliance without the headache.

Does a Change in Business Details Matter?

Absolutely! In the world of BOI, every little detail counts. Moved to a new office? Got a new business line? Each of these changes requires a fresh BOI submission. Know about What is the FATF report? It might seem a tad over the top, but it's all about keeping things transparent and above board.

Timelines for Different Entities

Now, let's talk about deadlines. If your business was up and running before January 1, 2024, the clock's ticking until January 1, 2025, to file your initial BOI. But for the newbies, businesses started after January 1, 2024, you've got a tighter window – just thirty days. Miss this, and you’re staring down the barrel of those hefty fines.

The North Dakota Twist

Running a business in North Dakota is unique – from the sprawling farmlands to the booming energy sector, this state has its own flavor. What is Ultimate Beneficial Ownership? Whether you're exporting agricultural products or part of the oil boom, these new BOI rules apply to you. But don't sweat it, because we at understand the North Dakota spirit and are here to help you stay focused on what you do best – driving the economy of this great state.

Once You Start a Business in North Dakota…

Remember, when you register your corporation or LLC with the Secretary of State in North Dakota, the BOI clock starts ticking. It's like a rite of passage in the business world. But with us in your corner, it's one less thing to worry about.

Please take This to the Bank: Our Pricing is Cost-Effective.

Alright, let’s talk dollars and sense – because we know that's what really matters when you're running a business in North Dakota. Want to know about PIL's Personally Identifiable Information? You're probably thinking, "Great, another expense to worry about." But here's some good news: at, we believe in providing world-class service without you having to break the bank.

Our pricing model is designed to be cost-effective and transparent, just like your BOI needs to be. We understand that every single dollar matters, especially in a state known for its hard-working, cost-conscious business community. So, when you partner with us, you're not just getting compliance and peace of mind; you're getting it at a price that makes sense for your bottom line. Know about the Beneficial Ownership information guide.

File BOI When You Start an LLC

Are you starting an LLC in North Dakota? Don't hit the 'open for business' button just yet without thinking about your BOI. The moment your LLC comes to life, the clock starts ticking on your BOI filing requirement. And here's where we come in – making this part of your business journey as smooth as a drive through the scenic Badlands. Filing your BOI through us means you can start off on the right foot, fully compliant, and ready to focus on the exciting journey of growing your business.

Don't Forget: Most Corporations Must File BOI

To all the corporate trailblazers in North Dakota, this one's for you. Most corporations, regardless of size or sector, are required to file BOI. This isn't just a box-ticking exercise; it's a critical step in maintaining the legitimacy and integrity of your corporation. Whether you're a longstanding business or a fresh face on the corporate scene, we’ve got the tools and expertise at to keep your BOI in tip-top shape.

FinCEN Reviews BOI Submissions, Right?

You bet they do. (The ND Secretary of State does not.) FinCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network) is like the guardian at the gate regarding BOI submissions. Want to know What is the NSBA? They review these filings to evaluate compliance and to keep the bad guys – think money launderers and terrorist financiers – at bay. It's serious business, so you need severe folks like us handling your BOI.

We can see to it that your submission is accurate, complete, and FinCEN-ready, so you can breathe easy and keep your focus where it should be – on your thriving North Dakota business.

BOI Compliance Tips

Now, let's share some pearls of wisdom about BOI compliance. Navigating these waters might seem tricky, but with the right know-how, it's a breeze. Here are some tips to keep you sailing smoothly:

  • Stay Informed: The world of business regulations is ever-evolving. Keeping yourself updated with the latest BOI requirements is key. Don't worry, though – we at are always on top of these changes and ready to keep you in the loop.
  • Document Diligence: Keep your records in shipshape. This includes having detailed information about all beneficial owners. Remember, the devil is in the details; in this case, the details are your lifeline.
  • Regular Reviews: Make it a habit to review your BOI information regularly. Circumstances change, people move on, and businesses evolve. Keeping your BOI current is not just about compliance; it’s about accurately representing your business.
  • Seek Expertise: Navigating BOI compliance can be complex, but you don't have to do it alone. As your expert guides, we at are equipped to steer you through these waters, so that your journey to compliance is as smooth as possible.

The History of the Corporate Transparency Act

So, how did we get here? The CTA Corporate Transparency Act. Didn't just spring up out of nowhere. It culminates a growing global focus on combating financial crimes like money laundering and terrorism financing. Let's take a quick stroll down memory lane to understand its origins.

The CTA was passed as part of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2021. This landmark legislation, a response to the increasing need for transparency in the ownership of corporations and LLCs, was years in the making. The idea was to peel back the layers of anonymity that often shroud corporate entities, making it harder for illicit activities to hide in the shadows.

Before the CTA, the U.S. was considered a bit of a laggard in this respect. Many other countries have already implemented similar transparency measures. The Act was a significant step for the U.S. in joining the global fight against financial crimes.

The CTA targets shell companies and hidden owners – the kinds historically used for all sorts of nefarious activities—the basics of Ultimate Beneficial Ownership. By requiring companies to disclose their beneficial owners, the law makes it harder for bad actors to misuse corporate structures for illegal purposes.

In a Nutshell

Navigating the BOI waters doesn't have to be a solo voyage. With, you’re getting more than a service; you're gaining a partner who's got your back every step of the way. We're all about making this process smooth, efficient, and, dare we say, a bit enjoyable.

So, North Dakota business owners, let's tackle this new requirement together. Head over to our website, make a few clicks, and then sit back and relax. Beneficial ownership disclosure requirements. We’ll handle the rest so your business can stay compliant and fine-free. Here's to thriving in business and keeping things transparent in the Peace Garden State!

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