Get a Beneficial Ownership Number

Get a Beneficial Ownership Number


A Beneficial Ownership Number (FinCEN identifier) is a unique identifying number that the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) will issue to individuals and companies upon request after the individual or company provides certain information to FinCEN. CTA Corporate Transparency Act. With the number, businesses can streamline their BOI (Beneficial Ownership Information) reporting tasks with the government and save time. Learn more here Anti-Money Laundering.

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Our third-party organization is number one in the country when it comes to FinCEN and BOI compliance. FATF - Financial Action Task Force We have helped thousands of individuals and companies secure and maintain excellent standings with the government through our top-rated services, tools, and resources. Know about Anti-money laundering compliance 

Our team encourages you to receive an official Beneficial Ownership Number/FinCEN identifier today. Having the number is recommended by many business compliance experts due to the advantages written below. What is Ultimate Beneficial Ownership? If you have any questions about Beneficial Ownership Numbers, do not hesitate to contact our organization,

What Are the Advantages of Securing a Beneficial Ownership Number?

What Are the Advantages of Securing a Beneficial Ownership Number?

Securing a FinCEN identifier comes with several advantages:

1) Streamlines the submission protocol: Entities required to report can utilize a FinCEN identifier to convey the  Beneficial ownership disclosure requirements information data for related parties, thus bypassing the need to submit separate BOI for each individual.

2) Facilitates direct disclosure to FinCEN: Beneficial owners and entities tasked with reporting can acquire a FinCEN identifier to submit their ownership details to FinCEN on a more direct basis, circumventing the need for certain intermediary reporting steps. Know more Customer Due Diligence for Business Owners

What Information is Needed to Receive a Beneficial Owner Number/FinCEN Identifier?

To acquire a FinCEN identifier, individuals must furnish the following details:

•    Full legal name
•    Date of birth
•    Residential address
•    A unique identifying number, along with the jurisdiction where it was issued, as specified in an accepted identification document
•    A scanned or photographed image of the identification document

In order to request a FinCEN identifier, companies are required to furnish the following details:

•    Legal name of the company
•    Tax identification number (TIN)
•    State(s) of incorporation or organization
•    Date of formation or organization

When Can I Use My FinCEN Identifier?


A company has the option to employ a Beneficial Ownership Number/FinCEN identifier when disclosing the Beneficial Ownership Information.  of specific related entities, instead of furnishing the individual's BOI, provided that the following conditions are satisfied:

•    The individual is, or may potentially be, considered a What is an Entity Beneficial Owner for an LLC?  of a reporting company due to their interest in an entity that, either directly or indirectly, holds a stake in the reporting company.

•    The said entity possesses a valid FinCEN identifier.

•    The reporting company has acquired the entity's FinCEN identifier through a dependable source, such as directly from the entity itself or from a publicly available resource.

•    There is no knowledge or reasonable suspicion on the part of the reporting company that the entity's FinCEN identifier is inaccurate or outdated.

In situations where a reporting company is uncertain about whether it can appropriately utilize a FinCEN identifier to disclose the beneficial ownership information of a specific individual, it is advisable to seek guidance from our organization by contacting our experts via our website.

Can You Summarize the New BOI Law in Effect as of January 1, 2024?

Of course. The  Corporate Transparency Act 2023 (CTA), also known as the Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) law, became effective on January 1, 2024. This legislation compels many entities, including corporations and limited liability companies (LLCs), established or registered for business operations in the United States, to disclose their beneficial ownership details to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). Learn here about Financial Crimes Enforcement Network  (That's about 32 million businesses!) The primary aim of this disclosure requirement is to ascertain the individuals who ultimately possess or exercise significant control over these entities.

For companies in existence or registered before the effective date of January 1, 2024, there will be a one-year grace period, allowing them until January 1, 2025, to submit their initial reports. Conversely, entities formed or registered after the commencement of 2024 will be obligated to submit their initial reports within 30 days of receiving notification of their establishment or registration. The BOI report will encompass information about the company itself and its beneficial owners, and non-compliance with this reporting requirement may lead to both civil and criminal penalties. Want to know about NSBA, The National Small Business Association?

According to FinCEN, What is a Beneficial Owner?

According to FinCEN, What is a Beneficial Owner?

As per the definition provided by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, a Definition of beneficial owner. is an individual who, in either a direct or indirect capacity, (1) wields significant control over a company, or (2) possesses or manages a minimum of 25 percent of the ownership stakes in a company. Know What is AML?

Here are two hypothetical examples for each scenario:

•    Substantial Control: Imagine a company, Widget Inc., that is managed by four directors. One of the directors, Jane Smith, has the authority to make significant decisions without requiring the consensus of the other directors. She can set company policies, initiate substantial financial transactions, and has the final say in hiring or firing executives. In this situation, even if Jane does not have significant ownership in Widget Inc., she is considered a Beneficial owner basics! because she exercises substantial control over the company.

•    Ownership Interest: Consider a different company, Gadget LLC, which is owned by five individuals, each holding an equal share of 20%. However, one additional investor, John Doe, holds a 30% share of Gadget LLC. Even if John does not take part in daily management or business decisions, he is considered a Beneficial Owner for an LLC  because he owns more than the 25% threshold of ownership interests in the company.

What is FinCEN?


The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, commonly known as FinCEN, operates under the United States Department of the Treasury, playing a pivotal role in protecting the integrity of the financial system. This agency is at the forefront of thwarting the misuse of financial channels, diligently working to dismantle money laundering schemes, and contributing to the safeguarding of national security. Know about the Beneficial Ownership information guide.

It accomplishes these goals by meticulously gathering, scrutinizing, and circulating financial intelligence. As a cornerstone institution, FinCEN meticulously gathers data on monetary exchanges, applying its analytical prowess to combat financial crimes both within the nation's borders and beyond, including terrorist funding and other related threats.Want to know about PIL Personally Identifiable Information.


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Are you puzzled about how to obtain a Beneficial Ownership Secure System information Number? Worry not, because our dedicated third-party team at BOIFilings  is here to guide you through the process. Navigating the complexities of financial regulations can be daunting, but our expertise is just a click away. Whether your questions are about the steps to acquire a number, the documentation required, or understanding what a  What are Beneficial Owners? Number entails, we're prepared to provide the answers you need.  What is the FATF report

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