What is a FinCEN Number?

By Michael Rodriguez
April 24, 2024
1:53 p.m.


Get Your FinCEN Number/identifier is a unique identifying number that the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) assigns to individuals and companies upon request for the use of reporting BOI Beneficial Ownership Secure System information. Having a number can simplify the BOI reporting process. Know about the Beneficial Ownership information guide.

Approximately 32 million companies across the USA are required to report BOI to FinCEN Small Entity Compliance. This includes corporations, limited liability companies, and business trusts. BOI features information about the individuals who directly or indirectly own or control an entity. What is an Entity Beneficial Owner for an LLC? This information can be used to help identify and prevent money laundering, terrorist financing, and other illicit activities.

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The expert team at our third-party organization is ready to assist you and your business in Obtaining an FINCEN number for a foreign entities number/identifier. PIL Personally Identifiable Information. This service aims to enhance the efficiency of your BOI reporting procedures. To initiate the process, we require only essential details about you and your company.

Utilizing your Purpose of a FinCEN Unique Number can facilitate adherence to the Know about the CTA Corporate Transparency Act. (CTA) mandates. This way, you can circumvent the daily $500 penalty imposed on businesses that fail to maintain accurate BOI records with the government. Know about the Beneficial Owner information

In some cases, a company may be able to report a Required Identifying Information for FinCEN number in lieu of the BOI for an individual Beneficial Owner for an LLC. This is achievable when the person has acquired a FinCEN identifier and subsequently shared it with the reporting company. Financial Action Task Force Furthermore, the reporting company must satisfy specific requirements, which include verifying that the person qualifies as a Beneficial Ownership Report information due to their stake in the reporting company through the intermediate entity. want to know about Customer Due Diligence for Business Owners.

What Are the Benefits of Having a FinCEN Number?

There are several benefits to using FinCEN identifiers. They can help to:

  • Streamline the reporting process for BOI.
  • Reduce the risk of errors in reporting BOI.
  • Protect the privacy of beneficial owners.

How Does the Corporate Transparency Act Mandate BOI Reporting for Businesses?

The Corporate Transparency Act 2023 Act (CTA), established as a component of the Anti-Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2020, requires specific domestic enterprises to submit details about Beneficial Ownership information guide. to FinCEN. This requirement went into effect on January 1, 2024.

Without question, the CTA is expected to have a significant impact on businesses in the United States. By requiring businesses to report BOI, the CTA will make it more difficult for criminals to use shell companies to launder money and finance other illegal activities. Financial Crimes Enforcement Network The CTA will also help to increase transparency in the corporate sector, which could lead to better decision-making by investors and other stakeholders. What is the FATF report?

What is a Reporting Company?

A reporting company is a domestic corporation, limited liability company (LLC), limited partnership, or other similar entity created or registered after January 1, 2024. FATF - Financial Action Task Force Reporting companies are required to file an initial BOI report within 90 days of the date on which they receive actual or public notice that their creation or registration has become effective. Companies that were already established before January 1, 2024 have one year to file their BOI reports. Learn here about NSBA, The National Small Business Association?

What are Beneficial Owners?

A beneficial owner is an individual who wields significant influence over a reporting company, whether through a direct or indirect means. What are Beneficial Owners? This includes individuals who own 25% or more of the company's equity, individuals who have the right to vote on 25% or more of the company's shares, or individuals who have the power to direct or control the company's management or policies. Know What is AML?

What Information Must FinCEN Receive About Beneficial Owners?

Reporting companies are required to report the following information about each beneficial owner:

  • Full legal name
  • Date of birth
  • Current residential address
  • Unique identifying number from a recognized issuing jurisdiction (such as a passport or driver's license number)
  • Photo of the identifying document

Reporting companies are also required to report the following information about themselves:

  • Full legal name
  • Any trade name or "doing business as" name
  • Complete current address
  • State, Tribal, or foreign jurisdiction of formation or registration
  • IRS Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) (including an Employer Identification Number)

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Our organization is wholeheartedly dedicated to guiding individuals and businesses across the United States through the complexities of FinCEN and BOI compliance. Want to know What is Ultimate Beneficial Ownership? This way, they can steer clear of severe fines and penalties. Want to know What is the NSBA? Should you have any inquiries regarding FinCEN numbers, BOI, or related topics, please feel free to reach out through our website's contact page and ticketing system. Anti-money laundering compliance

We also invite you to visit our YouTube channel, where you will find straightforward and concise videos designed to clarify the process of submitting Beneficial Ownership Information Remember, we’re here to support you every step of the way and won't rest until you and your business are in compliance with FinCEN.Visit the website & get more details BOIFilings.

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